Stepping into the residence through its separate entrance you will find a completely renovated space, your hidden, quiet retreat in the historical center of Kyoto. The central room of the residence faces our Japanese moss garden. Just settling down in one of the lounge chairs and looking into the garden, you will feel a different sense of time, a deeper connection to the essentials of life. It is a place where you might stay a whole day just being or reading a book. Follow your heart and enjoy every moment. Kura 298 is a separate residence, where your privacy will be respected. Yet we are nearby in the gallery to offer assistance or advice. On Kyoto’s cold winter days gas and floor heating will keep you warm and comfortable.


On the first floor of the kura we especially like the original pillars of the wooden structure. To us they look like modern sculptures. Here we put in a couch for those guests, who get their best ideas while taking a nap. To write down these and other good ideas, there is a large working desk and free WiFi.


You will find your bedroom on the second floor of the old treasure house. Except for the sisal flooring and the furniture we have restored the treasure house to its original character. The walls are finished with the traditional mixture of shell lime and algae glue. New tatami beds sheltered by massive century old clay walls invite you to a deep and rejuvenating rest.


You are invited to use the kitchen of the gallery. The kitchen can be used at any time by our guests. Prepare your tea or espresso using the extraordinary water from the well which belongs to the house. In the kitchen you will find all the basics for cooking for yourself and enjoying all the fine foods and ingredients, you will discover in the shops and markets of Kyoto. The tableware is selected from Gallery Nichinichi.


The bathroom is modern with a spacious shower, floor heating, and everything you need to refresh yourself after a day exploring the city. Selected shampoo, conditioner and soap, organic cotton towels, hair dryer etc. are provided.